Neighborhood Watch, Prevention and Deterrence

Neighborhood Crime Prevention That Works

Crime Prevention and Deterrence Technology

Effective Crime Prevention and Deterrence is not complicated. Today you can bolster your neighborhood watch program using technology to deter and prevent crime.

You can deter criminal activity by making criminals understand that they are being watched. LicenseLook is based on the Neighborhood Watch model but with the addition of social media technology it allow neighborhoods to broadcast their crime prevention activities to the criminal community via the web and email.

LicenseLook deters criminal activity by making public license plate numbers that could incriminate would-be criminals. By recording in LicenseLook suspicious vechicles and/or person within the proximity of a crime scene, you'll be able to help your local police identify likely suspects in a crime. More importantly, any criminal considering a crime is also considering the consequence of that crime, jail time. Consequently, criminals do their research by casing neighborhoods and make their selection very carefully. By placing LicenseLook lawnsigns in a community it alerts a would-be criminal that there is a potential risk of being identified as "suspicious" and placed in a public list. A wouldp-be criminal need only go to the licenseLook web site to verify if there are alert neighbors posting license numbers. LicenseLook tells criminals that you are watching and it shows them too!

Begin your neighborhood crime prevention program today.